2021 PSEG ISS Green Teams Program: Corporate/Agency Application
Thank you for your interest in the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies (PSEG ISS) Green Teams Program. PSEG ISS Green Teams are transdisciplinary teams of students who serve corporations, organizations, non-profits, municipalities, and community groups to address substantial sustainability issues. The PSEG ISS Green Teams Program is a multi-institutional internship program targeted to upper-level undergraduates (exceptional rising sophomores may also be considered) from any discipline who are interested in Sustainability. Teams of 5 students are constructed from the pool of exceptional applicants coming from many different disciplines and multiple institutions, and whose backgrounds match those required to achieve deliverables requested by corporations and organizations. To ensure students are well-positioned to produce high quality deliverables, PSEG ISS provides trainings throughout the course of the program in core Sustainability subjects, hands-on experience with Sustainability skills, and guidance in professional development.

The program runs from June 1– August 5, 2021. To better understand your needs and requirements please complete the following application below. We are available to discuss your ideas and answer questions throughout the application process. We will be in touch shortly after you complete your application to discuss your needs in greater detail. Feel free to check previous projects Green Teams completed for other organizations as you fill out the application - montclair.edu/iss.
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In regard to the modality of the Green Teams Program, which of the following formats would you prefer to operate in? *
A decision has not yet been made as to how the Green Teams will operate during the summer of 2021. We will be following the guidance of The State of New Jersey. This question just stands as a means to gain some insight into individual comfort levels to help guide the decision the PSEG Institute for Sustainability Studies will implement within the State's guidelines.
What problems or questions would you like the undergraduate students to address for your company? *
Other: Specific topics not included above are also possible and we welcome a conversation with you to determine feasibility. If a topic was not included above please write a brief description below.
Please list any known potentially expected deliverables. Please separate with a comma or enter each on a new line. *
What is your preferred meeting day/time to connect with team? Mondays and Thursdays are the teams' field trip and training days. The University is closed on Fridays and only in exceptional situations can students work Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays as many students have significant financial need and need to maintain their academic year jobs during the course of the internship by working on those days. Meetings will occur at the launch event in the first week, then beginning regularly from weeks 3-9 to provide time for training in week 2. *
A Green Team costs $50,000. Projects completed generally save organizations in excess of $250,000. Are you able to pay a portion of the cost for a Green Team? If so, please indicate an amount. We do have a limited number of grants available. We will also work with those not able to cover full costs to identify funding sources, particularly non-profit organizations and municipalities.
Is there any additional information that you would like to include?
Visit our Green Teams website for more information on the work of past Green Teams:
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