Open Call: Partner/Pitch opportunity on the Catfarm
Would you like to be captivated by the curiosities that are yet to unfold in the French hills? Looking to be part of an inclusive, creative community? Come trade your skills and knowledge in exchange for partnering up with us to become part of our community.

The Catfarm in France is an off-grid community of travelers and creatives that come here to pioneer a different way of life, centered around Community, Sustainability, and Creativity.

We are searching for a new partner to join us in our vision to build a sustainable off-grid community in a former vineyard in the beautiful South of France, where the summer lasts eight months and the beach is just a few kilometers away. We are offering the opportunity to live here for free and make this your new home. You’ll be able to use a workshop full of tools (everything from a tractor to welding equipment and more), plenty of space for self-expression and creativity and a global community of volunteers that continuously sign up for helping out.

This way of life means you have the freedom to work as a digital nomad or find work in the surrounding area. A bed can be provided for you in the Hanger, but you can also bring a caravan or camper van, or build your own own tiny house.

Be sure to check out our website:

You must be a fluent English speaker to apply for a partner position, French is a big bonus but not necessary.
* We all contribute 3.5-5 euros per day for food *

Note: please don't use this form to sign up as volunteer. if you do have a project to pitch but want to meet us first then do use this form please.

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Welcome to the Catfarm!
What is this?
This role is not for everybody. It's not just a new adventure... it is a way of life. It is a chance to step away from the humdrum existence of regular society and into a paradise of your own making. The magic and the opportunity are undeniable, but living off-grid brings its own challenges. We want to promote a way of being that moves as far away as possible from the throw-away, isolated society we have become. This way of life is something that needs to start inside of yourself - if you can see the better way of doing things, then this could be for you. This is not for the people with a short breath. Know that achievements made after a big effort and lots of time.
If this is an opportunity that excites you, and you believe that you can bring something special to the role then please apply by letting us know why you think you would be good for us and the Catfarm. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bring your passion, bring your ideas, bring your personality and bring yourself to the stunning South of France.

What you get as our Cat Commander aka Community leader:
- ⅓ of the income we generate in rentals we kicking off spring.
- Fee as a cook when we organise Erasmus trainings
- Space to work on your own projects.
- Workshop with tools.
- A big community of lovely people

What we expect as Cat Commander
- At least a season commitment.
- The first month is training, you will not get an income.
- Leadership skills
- Ability to plan ahead
- Communicative
- Experience in living off-grid
- Artistic and writing skills are also a plus
- Experience with tools is a plus

What you get as our Permaculture kickstarter:
- 5% commission on any grand received to do with your project.
- 1 hectare field 100 meter away from the main house to use.
- Space to work on your own projects.
- Workshop with tools & a tractor
- A big community of lovely people

What you get if you pitch your own project
- Acomodation
- Community of lovely people that want to learn from you.
- Make terms with us
Pitch your own project in the pitch field below.

We can send you the business plan on request.
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3. Who are you? And what is your experience. *
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8. Where did you find out about us?
Thank you! We will be in touch.
This is Beyoncé, she is taking care of the applications. if she doesn't reply you after 4 days email to
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