Atlantis Rattery: Pet Only Adoption Application
I am located in Hamilton Ontario (Canada)

I operate as a closed rattery. Meaning: I do not permit any visits to my rattery and no animals will be handled and then returned to the rattery without going through quarantine. I do this for the safety of myself and my animals against physical and biological threats. I take health and safety very seriously. My animals have been tested through IDEXX.

My standard rats start at $40 and dwarfs start at $90. I do charge more for certain lines.

Please read the following thoroughly and answer honestly. Feel free to elaborate. Incomplete information will result in immediate rejection.

Completion of this document does not confirm approval. You must be approved before any type of sales or shipping arrangements will be assessed.

*If you will need delivery or shipping, please refer to my page on transportation:
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If you are unsure of any points listed below, feel free to ask for clarification.

Under no circumstances will we adopt a rat to a minor under the age of 18 without full consent from a parent or guardian. If the minor fails to provide care for the rodent such responsibility shall fall upon the parent or guardian.

I price my rats according to what I have invested in dollars, time and effort. Prices are non-negotiable.

Rats will only be sold in same sex pairs (unless to an approved breeder). All new animals must be quarantined and I do not feel that any rats should be alone for that time.

I do not “breed to order”. I breed for my own personal goals and not to cater to what is popular or the latest fad.

I operate as a closed rattery. Photos are offered of the rattery and all animals that are available for adoption.

Pick-ups are planned ahead of time, at a neutral and public location (Hamilton Ontario Canada). Arrive on time for your pick-up. I cannot wait longer then 15 minutes. Please be respectful, if you are running behind contact me.

Rats will come in a take home box. If you have a long distance to travel, please bring a chew proof carrier.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve babies or hold rats that cannot be picked up immediately. A deposit is only refunded if I need to back out of the sale, for any reason. Adoption fees must be paid in full at pick-up in cash or E-Transfer. The adoption price of the rat(s) will be decided prior to reservation. Deposits are accepted only by Interac E-Transfer, moneygram or Western Union, we do not accept cash for deposits unless present in person.

Ready to be picked-up dates will be posted on the litter page. Once your reserved rat is available for pick-up, it must be picked up within 1 week (or shipped within 2 weeks) or you will forfeit your deposit and your rat(s) will be placed elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the adopter to make transportation arrangements for the retrieval of their rat(s).

It is the adopter’s responsibility to provide ALL of the rat(s) needs once it leaves the rattery. This includes, but is not limited to; suitable safe, clean housing, appropriate food to meet a rats nutritional needs, fresh water, appropriate bedding & all medical care.

If the adopter can no longer care for their animal or needs to return it for any reason, the animal MUST be returned to our rattery. It is the responsibility of the adopter/owner to arrange transportation of the rat back to the rattery. In special circumstances transportation will be arranged with the adopter.

I do not take in rescues of any kind. Please contact a local rescue for aide in these situations.

Please notify us if your animal passes, or suffers from any genetic complications. We do monitor our lines and use this information to better future animals.

All rats are adopted under a no breeding contract unless express permission is given.

We have the right to refuse the adoption of a rat (or rats) at our discretion. We are not obliged to give a reason for a refusal.

Atlantis Rattery & Exotics is entitled to alter or modify this policy at any time.

By adopting a rat(s) from Atlantis Rattery & Exotics you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the adoption policy stated above.
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