2030 Vision for Sustainability
Date: Thursday, April 27
Time: 12-2 PM
Location: TCC 450 | The Forum, Tutor Campus Center

Issues of environmental sustainability affect people of every race, creed, culture, gender, orientation, age and background. In building a vision for the future of USC’s campus sustainability, each student, faculty, and staff member deserves to have their voice heard, including YOU!

On March 23rd, 2017 the USC Academic Senate passed and released a report advocating for an ambitious, long term vision titled the “USC Sustainability Strategy 2030." The report (https://tinyurl.com/sustainability2030) aims to build upon the University’s current Sustainability 2020 Plan (https://tinyurl.com/sustainability2020) by developing a broader, more ambitious, and forward-thinking sustainability plan for USC.

The 2030 Vision for Sustainability represents an opportunity to engage all members of the USC community–students, faculty, and staff—to discuss and express their views on the Senate’s document and voice their opinions regarding the university’s commitment to sustainability. In order to send a message to the university administration, it is absolutely critical that Trojans of all backgrounds show up to engage in this forum to discuss and advocate for the university to aim higher.

If you support these efforts, we ask you to:

1. Join us at the USC Sustainability Strategy: Aiming Higher Forum on Thursday, April 27th from 12-2pm in TCC 450, The Forum.

2. Provide your name, information, and a brief statement below. Why do you think it’s important for USC to be a leader in sustainability?

3. Spread this message to your friends and colleagues at the university. Environmental crises do not discriminate, so the only way we can ensure equitable and courageous decisions are made is to involve as many voices in the discussion as possible.

We hope to see you at the Forum. Aim Higher for Increased Sustainability @ SC!

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