Iconic Soundtracks: Audience Choice Poll
Submit your favourite iconic movie soundtrack that you would like to see at Paradise!

- Must include different recorded music by different artists
- No scores (addio Morricone)
- No music by a single recording artist (so long Harold and Maude, Purple Rain, McCabe & Mrs Miller)
- Must be ‘iconic,’ which is to say widely esteemed and enjoyed by many (sayonara obscure favourite film you saw on cable in 1994)

We’ll announce the most voted-for film on Tuesday, April 28th at 9pm.

These are the films we've already picked for the series - what did we miss?

1) Pulp Fiction
2) American Graffiti
3) The Big Chill
4) Romeo & Juliet
5) Reality Bites
6) The Harder they Come
7) Dazed & Confused
8) Do The Right Thing
9) Boogie Nights
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