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We want to hear from you! Tell us what you'd like to see at Pickleland once we open in June 2024. 
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1. Where do you currently play? What do you like about those places? *
2. What could be improved at those places? What would you like to see at Pickleland? *
3. How much would you pay for a membership per month and what perks are important to you? (level open play, ability to book courts, cameras to record gameplay, etc) *
4. Any other ideas you want to share with us? (could be a marketing idea, how to run the perfect open play, a specific brand of snack you like, etc). All ideas / suggestions are welcome! 
5. Would you like to be included in our small focus group? We would like to run our ideas by our focus group so they can vet them and help us create the best facility. In exchange, you will receive early access during our soft opening.  *
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