Field Academy Bay Area Educator Retreat Questionnaire
We're excited to offer this workshop to educators in the Bay Area who are interested in learning more about designing transformative, field-based, community-driven education!

Sound exciting?

Awesome. We agree.

This questionnaire asks you to share with us some basic contact information and your responses to several short essay questions that will give us a sense what's driving your interest in this workshop. Your answers will help us to shape the content of the workshop around your lines of inquiry and passions. Thanks in advance for the time you put into answering these questions!

Please let us know if you have any questions for us. We’re happy to chat anytime over email or by phone!
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How do describe your identity?
(Gender identity, preferred pronoun, ethnic background, sexual orientation, class, race, religion, anything else that makes you who you are in your own terms.) We ask because we value diversity, the opportunity to create safe space, and we want to know how to best meet participant needs.
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Please tell us about your current work as an educator.
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