Library access request form
Please fill out the form below so that we can find a time for you to come to the library. We will call or email you with an appointment time and instructions. We are still encouraging patrons to use our curbside pick up service, so please visit or call 719-391-3196 for details. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time!
Please read the following and indicate your agreement and understanding
In order to open our doors to the public, Security Public Library must abide by a set of rules given to us by the state and local governments. Do you agree to do your part to keep our doors open by:

1. Wearing a face covering during the entirety of your visit (ages 2 and above)?

2. Not entering the library if you or your children are exhibiting any symptoms related to Covid-19 or if you have a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit?

3. Maintaining social distance from both staff and other patrons?

*NOTE* If you cannot or will not be able to follow the above listed rules, please do not continue to fill out this form. Our staff will be more than happy to bring your materials to your car using our curbside delivery service or explore options with you to meet your needs. Please call 719-391-3196 or visit our website for further information.
Do you agree to the above rules? *
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