Pickathon 2020: Emergency Refund Request
Pickathon is completely independent, not only in our curation of artists but also financially. The tickets sold to date do not cover the costs already incurred in our year-round planning. At the end of each of our 21 years of operation we typically break even; we have no safety net. We are not giving up. Instead, we will harness all of our creative potential to find solutions for the festival going forward.

We are so appreciative of everyone who bought tickets to Pickathon 2020. While we cannot issue refunds, any tickets already purchased will be exchangeable for tickets to future Pickathons. If you find yourself in a situation of extreme hardship that is an imminent threat to your financial security, we will do what we can in our extremely limited ability to help. In that case, please complete our emergency refund request form below.

Please accurately fill out the info below so we can match your refund request to your purchase order. If we are not able to find your order, or the info entered below does not match the order number's info, we will not be able to process the refund.

Other Pickathon 2020 options include:

GIFT YOUR TICKET to support Pickathon during these challenging times

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By selecting "I agree" below and submitting the form, you are acknowledging you have fully read, understand, and agree to the Disclaimer (listed below) and the option that you have chosen, that you are of legal age to consent to this agreement, and are choosing this option in exchange for a release of all claims against Pickathon LLC, its members, managers, representatives, employees, contractors and affiliates arising from your purchase of a ticket to Pickathon 2020 and the cancellation of the event. ***DISCLAIMER*** Please note your selection is final and non-transferable. For ticket purchasers who do not respond with one of the options provided by June 10, 2020, the credit of your ticket purchase will be gifted to Pickathon.
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