How to Win (after we lost) - SUGGESTIONS
Hey there.

If you're here after playing through How to Win: Season One... then well done!
And welcome back.

If you aren't, you may want to go and check it out! How to Win is our anarchic adventure/gaming experiment, where each new chapter is based on suggestions sent in and voted on by our players.
Find out more at, don't worry, we'll wait...

Are they gone? Or are you back? Great! So.

Our Season One story has come to a close. That world has come to an end. It's time to build something new.

We're rebuilding a new world completely from scratch. This last year has been tough for everyone, and for a lot of us it's meant a lot of change, and a lot of time to think of how our world can better serve the people in it.

What do we need to work towards in our new world? We won't get everything right first time. It won't be perfect. But above all, what should we be trying to achieve for our people? And what should we be trying to defeat?

Maybe we should be aiming for equality? Maybe we want to tackle poverty? Or maybe you've thought of something... funnier? It's up to you.

Let's try and build something that works for everyone. With everyone.
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What should be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in our new world? *
What should we try to DEFEAT in our new world?
What should we try to CREATE in our new world?
What OTHER THINGS should be in our world?
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