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Our team at Cosmo is constantly dedicated to improving our Hotel Property Management Software (PMS) to fulfill your needs. We would be honoured to gather some feedback from you so that we can build a better product based on YOUR needs.

This survey is only 10 questions long and will take less than 10 minutes to fill in.

BONUS: One of the participants will have the chance to win a 1 year Cosmo subscription, worth 1,000 US$! The winner will be directly contacted by email.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us here: www.fcspms.com/contact-us
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1. What kind of property do you have? *
2. How many rooms does your property have? *
3. Besides room accommodation, do you offer 1 or more of the following? *
4. Are you using a Property Management Software (PMS) at the moment? If yes, which one? If no, what is the reason for you to not be using a Property Management Software (PMS)? *
5. What kind of features do you find important for your Property Management Software (PMS)? *
Please tick all the boxes of the features that are important for you to have in your Property Management Software (PMS).
6. Are there any features missing from the list above? If yes, what feature do you need? *
7. Which features of your current Property Management System (PMS) would you like improved? *
8. How would you rate your experience of using Cosmo during your free trial? *
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10. If you haven't, could you tell us a bit more why not? *
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