The Love Story Interview of Grant Writer Position
We are looking to form a team of competent individuals to grant-seek and grant write for our organization. We plan to initially pursue grants that will allow our work to be adapted by volunteer groups within colleges and high schools across the nation. This will allow us to support youths at their most vulnerable and continue to use that support as a base as they move into the 25-34 age range described above.

As a member of our Grant Committee, you will be expected to remotely participate in team meetings, operating both cooperatively and independently as we work to pursue this task. We are thus looking for driven and passionate team players who will bring a variety of skills and perspectives to our work. Well written work and professional oral communication, with a basic understanding of non-profit structure and finance, analytic ability, creativity, and interpersonal skills are key.

Grant Research - Creative identification of foundations and giving programs, analysis of these programs on a variety of eligibility factors from a variety of sources, collective database creation, and contacting foundations on eligibility requirements inaccessible through independent research

Grant Writing - Writing a good general grant which can be optimized based on foundation requirements, writing and reviewing grant sections as created by individual committee members, contacting foundation or giving representatives before, during, and after application for grants, and effective analysis and communication of required data

Aiding the Executive Director with financial projects as feasible

5-10 hours per week, preferred at least 4 months+
Some flexibility possible.
Starting December 11, 2020 and ending April 11, 2021

15% commission of Grant Reward to be split among Grant Team per Grant Reward.
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If this description fits you, and our mission excites you, we invite you to fill out this pre-interview form.
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Problem Scenario #1: "All Over the Place" The last grant team for Love Story was six months ago. What happened? We had submitted over 10 grants and got 10 rejections and when the grant director left, it dispersed. But we have a paper trail of what we had already done. The CEO gives you access to the Google Doc files. She asks you to help sort it out for her. It's all over the place. What do you do? Based on the picture above, how would you sort out labels in a way that makes sense for the organization? *
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Problem Scenario #2: "The Task Management Platform" The CEO tells the company she is looking for a task management platform so that the grant team could work together. The two suggestions are Trello (Exhibit A) and Notion (Exhibit B). Based on your own research, which task management platform is best suited for the Grant Writer's Team of 3 people. Why? *
Exhibit A: Trello
Exhibit B: Notion
Problem Scenario #3: "Translating the Business Plan" In order for you to understand what to look for in grant opportunities, you are tasked to understand the Love Story's overarching business plan—the mission, the purpose, but more so how to implement strategies, milestones, and teamwork to make such goals happen. You take a look at past and current milestones (Exhibit A-D). How could you translate this on a Grant Application for a potential donor who is results-oriented and looking to make sure that their money is properly invested in organizations that make real social impact? *
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Problem Scenario #4: "Donor-Org Fit" The CEO asks you to go to to look for donors that would most likely donate to an organization such as ours. You take a look at the categories of what people are funding. Which categories apply to us and why?
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