Ohio Poor People's Campaign Interest Survey
Please fill out this form to help us connect those who want to be a part of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. You do not need to live in OH to fill this out. We will direct you to those organizing in your state.
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If you do not currently receive emails from the OHPPC there are a couple ways to do that. You can text the word MORAL to 90975 or go to poorpeoplescampaign.org and pledge to join the campaign. Pledging will automactically put you into the email system for the state you associate with. We have started Regional Google groups. Once you fill this survey out, you will be sent an invite to connect with others in your region. If you are not familiar with Google groups don't worry, we will help you through the process. Also we will have regional meetings for those who would like to to help mobilize and support other communities in there region and build power regionwide. There will be statewide work that needs to be done as well. It is the power of connecting local communities statewide that gives us our power. The more we are connected on these issues the more we can show solidarity and be a united front. You can sign up for the regional meetings here, bitly.com/OHPPCREGIONALMT
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Everyone has something to offer to the Poor People's Campaign. No matter what your situation, we can find a way for you to be involved. We value everyone's input with the campaign. How would you like to be involved? You may check more than one box. *
There are two things we highly suggest arranging to have in your community to introduce them to the PPC. One is a sneak preview of a documentary call We Cried Power. The second is a Community Conversation. The film helps orientate people to the movement and the Community Conversation helps us get to know you and understand the issues in our you community as well as providing some political educaiton around voting education and registration in context of the Campaign. This could be for any group from a small group of friends, neighborhood, organization, church etc. These would be digital events, not in person. They will be conducted by zoom platform.
Would you be interested in Phone Banking to help build community in your area?
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We would like to start oraganizing by Regions. In this way communities can support each other and work together to grow the movement. Please register here to attend the regional meeting, it can be accessed by video call or by phone, via Zoom. Please register by using this link bitly.com/OHPPCREGIONALMT
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