Dear AGROVOC User and Adopter!

Our team is constantly working towards improving the entire customer experience from users’ support to improve functionalities of the online AGROVOC thesaurus. We would be very grateful if you could provide feedback about your experience with AGROVOC, through a Survey (it will only take 3-5 minutes of your time).

We will really value Your feedback in order to improve Your experience of the AGROVOC in the future.


1. Do you use AGROVOC? *
1a. For how long have you been using AGROVOC? *
1b. If you no longer use AGROVOC, why?
2. How do you normally access AGROVOC? (multiple answers possible) *
3. AGROVOC is currently developed in SKOS and SKOS-XL. Would you like different formats? Which ones?
Your answer
4. For what task(s) do you use AGROVOC? *
5. If you are using AGROVOC for indexing resources: what is being indexed? What is the URL?
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6. Do you use AGROVOC within an electronic application and if so, what is its URL?
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7. Do you know about the AGROVOC metadata (the void description)? *
8 Which language version(s) of AGROVOC do you use? *
9. Would you like to have more language(s)? Which one(s)?
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10. Which topics (or domains) in AGROVOC do you access more frequently?
11. Would you like AGROVOC to better cover some specific areas or domains? If so, which ones?
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