Free seminar 8/19:How to propose a bill ? 怎样提交政治提案?
Over the past few years, our community has started to realize how important it is to voice our thoughts about our government's policies. We have successfully voted out bills like SCA5. (add another example.) We can take the next step to make our opinions heard by proposing a bill to the city, county, state, or even federal government.

But how do we go about proposing a bill? How do we do it effectively, and make sure our voices as a minority area heard?

We are honored to invite state assembly member Kansen Chu to give a speech on the process of proposing and passing a bill. Kansen Chu has a long history in the Bay Area, from working at IBM as an engineer to serving on San Jose City Council as the first Chinese-American council member since 2007, and is currently helping represent us in the California state government since 2014.

Please join us to learn how to make a difference.

Time:2:00pm-3:30pm; Saturday, 8/19/2017
Address: Alviso Branch Library  
5050 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95002


我们特别邀请加州众议员朱感生先生(Mr. Kansen Chu)来与大家分享,请来参加我们讲座,让大家一起集思广益,解决社区目前存在的问题,社区美好需要您的参与!您的声音,您的提案,或许能影响社区发展方向!!

朱感生,Kansen Chu,2007年成为圣荷西历史上首位华裔市议员,2014年成为加州首位非美国本土完成高等教育的华裔众议员。

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