EMC Community Firefloor Designs
Submit your floor design to be used at EMC's Firefloor events.

Designs should be no MORE than 78 x 78 and SOLID (no holes)
Designs smaller than 78 x 78 are allowed, but you should indicate a block to use as the background.

Floors may only use: Sand, Red Sand, Gravel, or Colored Concrete Powder

All designs must be EMC appropriate. If you can build it on EMC, it should be fine.

Design submissions:
If a private world build - Use a website like Google Drive or MediaFire - both allow you to upload and share files for free. Once you upload a schematic or world file, just paste the download link into the form below.

If on EMC - include location info, specifics are appreciated.
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If smaller than 78 x 78, which block do you want as the border?
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