Bluffton Promotion Potluck, 12 FEB 2021
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Join the discussion about interstate logo signs, billboards, online-print-radio-tv advertising, portable signs, flyers, slogans.
INTERSTATE LOGO SIGNS: Blue exit signs directing drivers to lodgings, gas, food, and attractions.
Downtown Bluffton may qualify as an "attraction" if signs are posted identifying this area. Costs are based in part on average daily traffic counts.
Would interstate logo signs at exits 140 and 142 be a good chamber investment? *
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Which billboards are the best chamber investment?
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Which event advertising do you consider a good chamber investment? Select all that apply.
Are portable message boards a good chamber investment and service? Which would you use?
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Explore Bluffton flyers (tear off pad)
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Would you use or distribute Bluffton bumper stickers?
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What campaign slogans do you like?
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