Enterprise Inclusion Index
Organisations that value inclusion go to great lengths to provide a workplace for all abilities. Enterprise inclusion refers to the efforts organisations make to remove barriers to people participating in meaningful work.

Enterprise inclusion goes beyond diversity; it aims to use available differences to produce different outcomes. For individuals this offers a richer working experience. For organisations, it means a more sustainable business. Evidence empirically demonstrates enterprise inclusion correlates with greater resilience. It turns out that by designing for inclusion, organisations are also effectively developing teams that are better at anticipating, coping with and adapting to change, navigating competitive headwinds and fostering innovation.

The Enterprise Inclusion Index is a tool for organisations to identify and communicate how their workplaces encourage, support and enable people of all backgrounds at work.

By articulating your organisation's inclusion efforts, you will encourage those who would be a good fit for your organisation and want to bring their whole selves to work, to apply for jobs with you.

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The questions that follow offer three options. It will be evident that the options offered go from the least inclusive to the most inclusive. This Index is not a test; it is a tool for highlighting your strengths in enterprise inclusion. For any responses that weight towards the first two options, this Index may be the opportunity to look at that area in a new light.

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