Gov. Tony Evers: Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Collections During the Coronavirus Crisis
This form is intended to (1) collect signatures and (2) mobilize people across Wisconsin to pressure Gov. Evers to suspend rent, mortgage and utility collections during the coronavirus.

In addition to signing this form, we encourage you to email Gov. Evers' office ( and encourage him to suspend rent, mortgage and Utility Collections during the coronavirus crisis. In these interactions, be direct and personal. Our governor must hear how we, and our communities are being affected by this crisis.

Re: Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Payments During the Coronavirus Crisis

Dear Governor Evers,

I'm calling/emailing today to demand the suspension of rent, mortgage, and utility payments during the Covid-19 Crisis.

COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) is a global pandemic and threatens Wisconsin communities. State and federal officials are encouraging people to stay in their houses, and many schools, restaurants, shops, and other establishments are closed. Without paid sick leave or health insurance, many people are facing a housing/healthcare crisis alongside the pandemic.

We demand support for those constituents whose economic, health, and housing security are threatened at this time. Governor Evers, we demand that you do everything in your power to suspend rent, mortgage, and utility payments throughout the duration of the crisis.

We, the undersigned, in solidarity with workers across the state of Wisconsin, demand that you order the suspension of all rent, mortgage, and utility payments for a minimum of two full months, without payees accruing debt, to avoid catastrophic damage our Wisconsin communities.

Your Constituents
March 17, 2020- Petition created

April 1, 2020- 40,000 signatures
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Emails directly from constituents are an extremely effective method of bringing issues to the Governors attention. If you are able, will you/did you reach out to the governor's office ( ) via email?
PLEASE DISREGARD THIS SECTION and EMAIL INSTEAD: Phone calls are an extremely effective method of bringing issues to the Governor's attention. If you are able, did you/will you call the Governor's office (608- 266-1212) and verbally make these demands of Gov. Evers?
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