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Thank you for putting yourself first! Self care is so important =) Professional cuddling is still such a new industry that many people don't have any local qualified cuddling professionals to seek services from. I'm making it my mission to get to these areas so you can experience this service first hand. Even in areas with other professionals, it is a good practice to see different professionals, and I see many people who see other professionals. Serving people in these areas also helps me get to the next spot in need =) Thank you! I travel with my RV, small dog, and two cats. For the most part, you will need to come to me (I try to get as close to people as possible, but some locations may require a short drive to get to a quality camping spot). There may be other options if I can park outside your home.
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City/Town where you would be coming from for sessions (accuracy here is essential, if you live in a large city, please provide a specific area or neighborhood). Address is ok as well. *
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How do you feel about pets? *
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I have crippling allergies and won't be able to do sessions in the RV
Dogs (I have one small 12 lb dog)
Cats (I currently have two)
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Describe any ability for parking at your home, if applicable (a simple "no" is just fine, if not). My RV is 27 feet long and 12 feet tall. I would need street access accommodating this size and enough length to park. And of course, it needs to be ok with any local laws or HOAs. The session can still take place in my RV if spot is relatively level. *
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Which of the following are you interested in? Travel fee to come to you will be determined at a later date when it becomes available. Note that the first hour includes a portion to cover travel expenses. *
1-1.5 hours ($125 for one hour, $165 for 1.5 hours). $20 discount if you bring a blanket to lay on.
2+ hours ($125 for first hour, $75 for each additional hour). $20 discount if you bring a blanket to lay on.
Overnight ($400, includes up to 14 hours of time total, 8+ hours of sleep, 2.5 hours of cuddling total, my personal nightly and morning chores, and conversation). $20 discount if you bring a set of queen+ sheets, and blanket if desired.
Connection time in RV, light physical contact (one hour only, $75)
Coffee time to meet (these requests won't get me to a location, but a good option if you are unsure and I am coming to your area; donations accepted)
Monthly discount membership ($5-250/month to get the best rate discounts available)
Typical availability *
Mornings (before 10am)
Daytime (10am-5pm)
Evenings (5pm-10pm)
Not available
How did you first discover platonic cuddling services and what are you most looking forward to getting out of your session? *
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Confirm that you have read and agree to the service agreement and waiver. You acknowledge that if you don't follow this agreement, the session will end immediately with no refund.( *
Acknowledge that I will send area-specific emails to you when I am coming to your area. You can always opt out of this, but this is essential for me to let people know of my travel plans. Also understand that this doesn't change your ability to send me personal texts or emails if you ever need, and I may still text or email you specifically. This is purely to help aid in travel notifications. *
Is there anything else you would like me to know about you or your session needs? Do you have sensitivities to any scents? Allergy concerns? Any other questions?
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