Ordering MPD150 Reports
As of 2022/2023: if you're local to Minneapolis, Minnesota, MPD150 reports are usually available (for free) at RLM Arts, Boneshaker BooksMoon Palace Books, b. Resale, and Asa's Bakery. We recommend contacting them before you visit, just to make sure.

If you are outside the Twin Cities and are interested in ordering reports (individual copies or bulk orders) and can pay for shipping, fill out this form and we'll put you in touch with our partners who are coordinating report shipments.

Please note: shipping for bulk orders is expensive; exact prices depend on the shipping company our partners use. For reference, a box of reports containing 25 reports weighs ~25 pounds. 
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If placing a bulk order, ordering in multiples of 25 is preferred. 
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We will do our best to honor your request, but as MPD150 has sunsetted and coordinating final distribution of reports is run by volunteers, we make no guarantees. 
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