Rince Na Sonas Inner Harbor Feis- Payments
Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 (Adjustments may be made to ensure social distancing)
Syracuse City Parks- Inner Harbor
Chairperson: Megan Hickey, ADCRG; Entry Secretary: Erin Hickey Greenwood, TCRG
Start Time: Promptly at 8:00- Venue doors open at 7:30
Stage Schedule: To be posted on our website 5 days before the event

Please note that no more than 50 people will be allowed at the event at any given time. Competitors will be scheduled in groups to ensure compliance with this. A specific timetable will be provided in advance of the event. Each dancer will only be permitted ONE guest. Guests will be required to register at time of dancer entry. If dancers are able to participate without the assistance of a guest, they are encouraged to be dropped off at the venue. Masks will be required at all times with the exception of when performing on stage. Dancers may choose to wear a mask during their performance. If anyone is unable or unwilling to comply with mask and social distancing guidelines, they will be refunded their entry and asked to leave
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