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Sherwood High School staff members would like to know what you think about Computer Science classes, careers, and work. Please answer the following questions.
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Computer Science (CS) courses are recognized as any course taught by Ms. Barrett or T.Smith.
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I am enrolled in a Computer Science (CS) class because: (Please pick all that apply) *
I am aware of what a Career Pathway is and plan on completing one for graduation. *
If you answered agree, which one are you planning on completing?
I have been encouraged to enroll in computer science courses based on my abilities and interests *
Women and men in Computer Science careers have come to talk about their jobs to me while I have been at Sherwood High School *
I know someone who is in a Computer Science career *
Teachers actively encourage me to consider a wide range of career choices, including those that are nontraditional *
Teachers expect the same achievement from males and females *
My counselor suggests classes I need for my career choice *
These people have the MOST impact on the classes I choose? (Please pick one) *
The counselors maintain up-to-date career information that can be used in making career choices *
Counselors have helped me with my career choices *
At Sherwood High School, there are courses that clearly are “boys’ courses” and “girls’ courses” *
If so which courses? Please include the gender and the course
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The amount of males or females in a class have an impact on whether I choose to take the class.
CS courses are designed so the content is appropriate to both males and females *
Family Section
A career usually means an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
My parents encourage me to explore different career possibilities *
My parents believe the career I choose should pay well. *
I have learned the MOST about different careers from: (Please pick one) *
I plan to have a career *
My parents would support me in whatever career I choose *
Self-Awareness Section
My future career is important, so I want to start preparing for it now by taking the right classes *
Women, as well as men, work to provide for themselves and for their families *
I believe I have the right to enroll in any course in our school *
I view my career primarily as a way to make some extra money *
I view my career primarily as a way to use and develop my abilities *
I view my career primarily as a lifetime experience that helps meet economic and psychological needs *
I feel I could be whatever I want to be *
I feel that I am good at many things *
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