2018 Great Plains Summit Evaluation
Thank you in advance for your input about this year's Great Plains Summit to help us make the 2019 #GPSummit even better!
A colleague just asked you "How was the GPSummit?" How would you answer?
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What "extras" do you appreciate at the Great Plains Summit?
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Love it!
Photo Booth
Breakout EDU
All-day beverages/cookie breaks
Lanyard with key clip
If you could choose 4 of this year's presenters to invite back next year, who would you choose?
Any comments about presenters to help us plan our 2019 line-up?
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What one word best describes the Great Plains Summit?
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How would you rate the food and refreshments provided?
**Please do not respond if you did not eat at the Great Plains Summit.
What is your position?
How did you find out about the Great Plains Summit?
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