Joining the DSA-LSC Caucus
We're trying to organize cool things, however, in order to efficiently do so, it is imperative that we gather in-depth, essential information about whether you all are dues-paying members, what your interests and skills are, etc etc. We have a lot of energy behind us and talent from interested LSCers, so only time will tell what we can create. Onward and solidarity.
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In order for us to allow you into the caucus, we need to be **100% SURE** that you are a DSA member. The easiest way for us to confirm that you are indeed a member is to create an account on the DSA Chat server; the only way you can successfully join the channel is you are a DSA member, so this assures us that you are paying your dues. Detailed instructions for how to sign up for the chat are provided here - Please provide the (DSA-associated) email address you used to create your chat account!
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If you for some reason can not successfully get a account and exhausted all available assistance, we still need a way to confirm your DSA membership/proof of dues payment! Please send an email to "" containing your DSA membership receipt. *
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