2019 Kansas YAG Scholarship Application
The Kansas YMCA Youth and Government program fee is $150. YAG offers financial assistance ranging from $25 to $150. Applications are due by September 26. Applications received after this date will be considered only if funding remains available. If an application is approved, the student’s advisor will be notified of the remaining balance owed to YAG.

Please note that only fully complete applications will be considered.

1. Scholarship recipients and their family must be in need of financial assistance, without which they would not be able to participate in Youth and Government.

2. Applicants should familiarize their advisors with their financial circumstances and inform them that the YAG Office may contact them for more information.

3. Advisors and students will be notified of a decision shortly after the deadline for submission.

4. All applications must be signed by both the applicant and their parent/guardian.
The YMCA Youth and Government program has limited funds to allocate for financial assistance. The State Office attempts to support as many students as possible with these funds, and to allocate funds in a fair manner. Please be honest with the answers you provide to the questions below to enable us to make informed decisions in the allocation of funds.
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1. Why do you want to participate in Kansas YMCA Youth and Government? What do you hope to gain from your participation?
2. Why are you requesting financial assistance?
3. Who will be paying the remainder of your program fee – you, parents, others?
4. Is there any other information that the State Office should be aware of regarding your application?
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