Cine Latino Film Fest 2024
Welcome to our film cycle in June in collaboration with Latin American House! 
We're excited to dive into the rich world of Latin American stories through films from Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Join us to watch, discuss, and explore the unique narratives and approaches of these compelling movies. 

Programme June 2024

Screening of "Itu Ninu" and "Conexión: Huachuma" + Q&ATue, June 11, 7pm
An imaginative work of Indigenous science-fiction, 'Itu Ninu' is set in a future dystopian city in which two lonely climate migrants try to connect by writing old fashioned letters. A contemplation of the future in Mixtec and English. The film will be preceded by 'Conexión: Huachuma', a Peruvian short documentary depicting the journey of an Indigenous shaman and a filmmaker as they explore a ritual that offers insight into the past, present, and future, and the difficulty of letting go.

Screening of "Boca Chica"Tue, June 18, 7pm
A lively coming-of-age drama, 'Boca Chica' follows twelve-year-old Desi in her pursuit of becoming a famous singer. As Desi braces to leave her hometown, her goal is threatened by lies and the looming sinister betrayal from those who should protect her most.
Screening of "Cinema is a Journey"Tue, June 25, 7pm
The team of a human rights film festival in Guatemala travels to distant peasant communities, mostly Indigenous. Fragments of a journey where cinema leads us through the past and present of beautiful territories, marked by violence, injustice and exclusion.

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