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Themes for the next few issues:

Sept 2018 - Bridal Market (so anything cash flow, ideal client, fashion, back end, oriented)
Dec 2018 - In Store and Sales - Customer service, store merchandising, closing sales, local community and networking
March 2019 - TBD

We want a variety for each issue, so it's ok if your topic isn't a total match. If it's something our readers would love, we'll find a space for it! Deadlines are the end of the month before the issue.

If you have any issues or need help, please email!


- 800-1500 words for magazine articles, 300-2000 words (guideline, not hard rule) for blog posts
- Good grammar and spelling
- Put your personality and expertise in's not a school essay!
- Adult-ish or casual language is ok, but keep in mind it is a professional publication. Don't get too crazy.
- We reserve editorial rights for publishing (if it's more than a few words here or there, we'll run it by you).
- We will supply stock photos if needed. If you piece has accompanying photos, please make sure you have the right to publish them.
- Do your own work...inspiration is great, copying, not as much.
- Your headshot should be high resolution and show your business persona off to the world.

Submissions are carefully considered and it may take up to 4 weeks. If you don't hear back, please wait until then to follow up. There are no deadlines, but it is unlikely you'll make publication if you wait until a week before. Get them in early!

Thank you!

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