Application for Mentors: WIAN 2021 Mentoring Scheme
Thank you for your interest in participating as a mentor in the annual Women in International Affairs Network (WIAN) mentorship scheme! We are now in our fourth year of the scheme, which will begin in February 2021, which was set up to encourage and empower female students, graduates and early career professionals to navigate their international careers with confidence and knowledge.

If you are a professional, and would like to contribute your skills, time and experience, then please fill in the form in its entirety. This is a minimum 7 month commitment, and for this reason, we ask that all applicants carefully draft and submit their application, providing as much detail about your experience, what you would offer to the programme and what you would like to get out of it.

As a WIAN mentor, you will be supported to provide your mentee with the right level of career development and guidance over the course of the programme, enhancing their career prospects and social capital. We welcome applications from professionals with 3+ years experience and a passion for supporting entry-level women.

For more information, please see the FAQ's section on our website, at, or email the Programme Coordination team at
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Your Professional Experience & Background
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Please include both experience in international affairs, as well as general work experience. By professional experience, we mean paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time employment.
What is your current role, including your company / organisation name? *
Please use this section to tell us about your company, job role and description and how this relates to international affairs.
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Mentorship with WIAN
Have you participated in a previous round of WIAN's mentoring programme as a mentor? *
Have you ever been a mentor before? *
This could be in any capacity, not just on WIAN's programme.
If you have been a mentor before, what were your key highlights?
If you have been a mentor before, please explain when you provided the mentorship, the duration, what training and assistance you provided and the positive impact you had on your mentee.
If your answer was no, please skip to the next question.
If you have not been a mentor before, what are you looking to learn about mentorship?
Why do you want to be a mentor with WIAN? *
Please tell us your motivation for applying to be a mentor. Be as detailed as possible, as we will use the information here to match the chosen mentors with their mentees.
What is the most important lesson you would want your mentee to learn from you? *
What training and skills development will you give your mentee? *
Please tick all the relevant boxes, or select other and state you would be willing to offer.
Would you like to be matched with a mentee in the same location as you? *
Please note that this is a virtual programme, so it will not be an issue to match you with a mentee in a different time zone.
Can you commit to a minimum of two engagements a month with your mentee(s)? *
You will need to be in regular touch with your mentee for the duration of the programme. You will be able to decide and agree together the regularity and form of these meetings, but must commit to doing so at least once a month. Engagement can be face-to-face, Skype, Zoom, phone-call, WhatsApp, etc.
How many mentees can you commit to over the course of the scheme? *
Please rank in order of preference, which cohort of the scheme you would like to participate in as a mentor? *
If you do not have a preference, please select 'No preference' for each row of options. Please also note that the Programmes team will do their best to place mentors in the programme of their choice, subject to demand. However, a space on a particular cohort of the programme is not guaranteed.
Undergraduate & Student programme (for current undergraduates, students, apprentices and school leavers with less than 1 year of experience)
Graduate programme (for current postgraduate students and recent graduates, with no more than 2 years of experience)
Early Career programme (for entry-level and early career professionals with a minimum of 2 years and maximum of 4 years of experience)
No preference
First choice
Second choice
Third choice
And finally, on what gender and youth equality mean to you...
Why is gender equality (in international affairs and generally) an important issue to you? *
Please be as concise as possible.
Please list the top 3 challenges you think early career women pursuing careers in international affairs face. And how will you address these during the scheme to contribute to your mentee's professional and personal development? *
Please be as concise as possible.
If successfully chosen for this year's scheme, do you consent to your email address being added to our internal mentorship database and mailing list? *
Our internal mailing list is a vital means of communication during the programme. It is only used with regards to the mentorship scheme, and your details will not be shared with third parties.
Can we retain you in our bank of mentors for future programmes? *
How did you hear about WIAN? (Select all that apply) *
Thank you for your application!
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Unfortunately, we will only be able to respond to successful candidates, if you haven't heard from the team within 3 weeks to schedule a follow up call, then please assume you have been unsuccessful. Should you be successful, we shall invite you to a 15-20-minute conversation with the program team, to get a better sense of who you are and to address any questions before pairing you with a mentee in early January and embarking on an exciting 7 month journey. The mentorship program will officially begin in February 2021, with a mandatory introductory webinar hosted in mid-February.
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