Northgate High School Advanced Placement (AP) or Honors Contract
This form is intended to be filled out with the student AND parent present at the computer.
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Please choose one class. If taking more than one AP/Honors class, submit separate forms for each class.
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10th grade English
11th grade English
Algebra I (1A&1B)
Algebra II
Algebra II/Trigonometry
Physical Science
Chemistry I
Chemistry I Honors
World History
2-years of high school 2-dimensional art
Language level III and/or equivalent
Language level IV or equivalent
Permission of instructor (signed worksheet)
By checking the boxes below for each, both student and parent understand and agree to the following conditions: *
Parent Agreement
Student Agreement
AP classes are COLLEGE LEVEL courses. AP courses should be chosen based on intense interest in the subject matter.
An Honors course is more rigorous than a non-Honors course.
Parent(s) and student are aware that placement in an AP/Honors class is on a space-available basis even if the student meets the pre-requisites.
Student agrees to complete summer preparation work as assigned.
Student commits to active participation in class discussions and class projects, including after school activities as assigned by the instructor.
Students in an AP course will be expected to take the AP test associated with the course. (Registration is in early February. If cost is an issue, student may apply for reduced fee.)
Administrator has cautioned student and parent against academic overload.
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