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During this 90 minute field trip, students will learn how New Almaden's “quicksilver” contributed to California’s Gold Rush. Each class will learn about (1) the methods of mining cinnabar and how it was processed into into mercury, and (2) how diverse communities from all around the world worked and lived in the New Almaden mining community during the peak of the mining era. Activities take place inside and outdoors at the historic Casa Grande.

***New this year: We are in the process of updating our field trip curriculum to better correlate with state standards and incorporate more hands-on and inquiry-based experiences. Teacher(s) and chaperones may help facilitate some new small group activities. ***

Learn more at our website: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/parks/Education/Pages/SchoolProgram.aspx.

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- Adults will be asked to help facilitate activities and ensure group safety at all times.

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