2022 Chicago DSA Mass Action Platform Endorsement Form
The next year is of major importance for our chapter and for the working class of Chicago. The 2023 municipal elections, new labor/shop organizing campaigns, major union contract fights with UPS and CPS, and mass mobilizations against the right wing will be major opportunities to shift the balance of power towards working people and grow our movement. We need a powerful, fighting, worker-led, democratic socialist organization that can meet this moment and wage war against the ruling class during this pivotal moment in our city’s history.

We are running a slate of candidates for chapter officer on a shared vision of a Chicago DSA that is rooted in mass action politics — where we can move working class people in every neighborhood in our city into action against the ruling class and into our socialist movement for the long term. There are no shortcuts to building power, and we know we have an opportunity ahead to launch bigger campaigns than ever before that will make us stronger after each fight.

The Chicago Bread and Roses caucus has developed a platform laying out a vision for our chapter rooted in mass action. If you are a Chicago DSA member and agree with our platform, we encourage you to sign your name below and to support the Mass Action slate in the chapter officer elections this June. Regardless, we hope you will work with us this next year to build the socialist movement and build working class power. We don’t have a moment to waste.

We, the undersigned, endorse the 2022 Chicago DSA Mass Action Platform as a vision for how we plan to build CDSA and commit to developing these priorities within our chapter over the year ahead.

View the 2022 Chicago DSA Mass Action Platform developed by the Chicago Bread and Roses Caucus: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kx3XQ08_HcY_Y5f8xisEDR1bD6z8WjtN8bhsWBrlCLs/edit?usp=sharing

In Solidarity,

Aaron Armitage
Abby Agriesti
Alec Hudson
Alec Ramsay-Smith
Alissa F-W
Amy Price
Andrew Aughenbaugh
Andy bard
Angela Janusz
Anna Forsher
Anne Kirkner
Andrew Chebuhar
Audrey Steinbach
Bide Akande
Brendan Bashin-Sullivan
Brent O'Reilly
Brian Clark
Cait Guerra
Casey Merwin
Cat Becket
Charlie Walden
Christian Kulfan
Dan Cutter
Dan M
Dana K
Dave Pitak
David Salkoff
Deanna Satin
Dmitri McDonald
Doug Hansen
Dylan Shearer
Edward Corcoran
Elce Redmond
Elena Gormley, MSW
Eli Barrows
Emilie Shireman
Emily Mikhail
Eugene Lim
Frank Klein
Gabriel K
Haley Leibovitz
Holly Stotelmyer
Isa Janusz
J. Kaszynski
Jack Walden
Jackie Pozza
James León Weber
Javier Ruiz
Jen Phillis
Jen Zylema
Jenelle Birchlove
Jill Duma
Joanne Dubach
Joel Thorson
John Tryneski
Jordan Posner
Jose Requena
Jovan Gathings
JP Kaderbek
Kate Murray
Katie Lentes
Keefer Dunn
Kelli Frost
Kevin Robinson
Lauren LaBorde
Leah Munsey
Leonard Pierce
Lili Gecker
Lillian O
Lillie Therieau
Margo G
Mary Fessler
Matt B
Matt Shepard
Matt Super
Melinda Bunnage
Melissa N
Michael Cummings
Michael Emrie
Michael Zapata
Mimi Stern
Molly Hudgens
Nation Garza
Nick Colon
Nick Levine
Nick Limbeck
Nohra Murad
Paige Oamek
Patrick Mulchrone
Patrick Winegar
Paula Clark
Pete DeMay
Peter Hughes
Rachel Zibrat
Ramsin Canon
Rich Ranallo
Rudi Batzell
Ryan Veseling
S. Patterson
Sandy Barnard
Sara McHenry
Sarah Cougill
Sarah Hurd
Sarah R
Savannah Hugueley
Scott Myers
Sean Duffy
Sean Estelle
Sean Kase
Sean Orr
Shafeka Hashash
Steve Weishampel
Sveta Stoytcheva
Tina Groeger
Tom McHenry
Tristan Bock-Hughes
Vino Mazzei
W. Smith
Waleeta Canon
Will Bloom
Zachary Shearer
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