Uprooted & Rising orientation webinar!
Are you ready to challenge white supremacy and corporate control in our food system? Do you believe that institutions of higher education should serve the public? Want to get involved in a movement doing serious work for REAL change in our food system?

Join us on November 14th, 4:30-6pm PST / 7:30-9pm EST for the FIRST-EVER ORIENTATION WEBINAR to Uprooted & Rising!

The news of the past few weeks have affirmed what we already know to be true: we must act now to challenge the white supremacy that permeates our society and to reverse the ever-growing power of Big Food corporations across the globe. Because of colleges and universities’ ties to Big Food, from the cafeteria to the classroom and boardroom, higher education is a place where we have the power to change the terms of the debate and spark a cultural shift in priorities.

Uprooted & Rising's goal is to end higher education’s support for Big Food corporations and white supremacy in the food system and to direct the energy of our generation towards food sovereignty. We are creating a culture shift through public action, digital organizing, and creative storytelling that uplifts and centers the ideas and experiences of those who have been marginalized by corporate control and white supremacy in our food system.

Now, YOU can become part of this movement fighting for a future that will sustain and nourish generations to come, here and abroad.

This webinar will offer an orientation to Uprooted & Rising and ways to bring this movement to your own community!
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