AVL Unpaved Public Survey
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AVL Unpaved Public Survey


AVL Unpaved Alliance is dedicated to building three pilot natural surface trail systems to support better connections into the City’s natural environments for Asheville-area residents and its visitors. Users will be able to access this unpaved trail system via greenway, sidewalks, bike lanes, transit, and trailheads, providing “front door” access to trails.

The results of this survey will support the AVL Unpaved Alliance’s work in designing trail kiosks and wayfinding to best support users' experience.  


In 2021 Asheville on Bikes (AoB), Pisgah Area SORBA (PAS), and Connect Buncombe (CB), in coordination with the City of Asheville (COA), partnered to explore the feasibility of investing in natural surface trails. In October of 2023, City Council unanimously adopted the Close the Gap Plan which identifies natural surface trails as a strategy to improve Asheville’s active transportation network. Following the adoption of the Close the Gap plan AoB, PAS, and CB formed the AVL Unpaved Alliance. 

AVL Unpaved Alliance is dedicated to building and managing three pilot natural surface trails systems over the next three years. The initial projects, supported in part by Explore Asheville, are 1) Bacoate Branch, 2) French Broad River West, and 3) Azalea Park.  

AVL Unpaved Pilot Projects
The selection of the three pilot projects was informed by neighborhood support, existing connectivity to existing sidewalks, bike facilities, transit stops, and greenways, and existing City land use plans. The initial projects are: 1. Bacoate Branch, 2. French Broad River West, and 3. East AVL / Azalea Park.
Bacoate Branch: AVL Unpaved is located adjacent Aston Park, the YWCA, and Asheville Middle School in the South French Broad Neighborhood. (These natural surface trails will not impede the future planned greenway which represented as a dotted yellow line.)
French Broad River West: AVL Unpaved is located adjacent to the French Broad River West Greenway between the RiverLink Bridge and French Broad River Park.  
East AVL / Azalea Park: AVL Unpaved is located adjacent WNC Nature Center and Thomas Wolf Cabins.
Please respond to the following questions. The results of this  survey will support the AVL Unpaved Alliance’s work in designing trail kiosks and communication systems to best support users' experience on the trails.

How much do you currently know about the AVL Unpaved initiative?

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How frequently do you anticipate using AVL Unpaved trails?
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What opportunities for using AVL Unpaved natural surface trails appeal to you?

What trail attributes appeal to you? Rank from MOST appealing to LEAST appealing.

Most Appealing
Somewhat Appealing
Least Appealing
Trails located near the places that I already frequent (home, work, school, businesses, etc.)
Trails that connect to sidewalks, greenways, bike lanes, slow streets, and transit stops.
Descriptions of trails so that I know what to expect.
Reliable and updated information about trail access, trail conditions, and trail closures.
Trails designed with all ages and abilities in mind.
Parking areas near trailheads.Parking areas near trailheads.
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Which trail etiquette components do you feel require education?

Off-leash pets
Pets on long leashes
Improper disposal of pet waste (leaving used waste bags on the ground, not bagging waste, etc.)
Unauthorized trails and shortcuts
Users traveling in groups that block the flow of traffic
Users blocking the trail while taking a break or having a conversation.
How users pass one another on the trail
Users who are not alert to their surroundings (earbuds, headphones, etc.)
Speed conflicts between users (runner / walker, bicyclists / pedestrian)
Are there other trail etiquette components that require education that weren't addressed above?
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