Skøll jersey order form
We're ordering jerseys! They are awesome, and they cost 170 DKK each. You'll have to pay VAT on top for now, bringing the total to 212.50 DKK each. We are working on that, but it won't change this year.
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These are what your jersey will look like! There is also a 3D render available at to check out every side of the shirts.
What name would you like on your jersey? (This can be your real name, a gamer handle, or anything else you want. Valkyrie uses her name, Evan uses Candu, some other examples are "Moose", "Prinzessin", "Joni", "Jojo", "Fiend", and "Cake".) *
What number would you like on your jersey? (We can only have one player with each number, so if someone took yours already I'll let you know.) *
Here's the size guide! These sizes run QUITE large. Valkyrie/Martin are currently wearing 16, and Evan/Thomas/Jim are wearing S. There are also some Ms floating around.
What size jersey do you want? You can check out our manufacturer's size guide above to help decide. *
How many jerseys would you like? (In jugger, it is common to trade jerseys with players you meet at tournaments, so you might want more than one.) *
What is your name? *
I will transfer 212.50 DKK per jersey I have requested to be Jugger Copenhagen bank account (see details at )
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