MOCC Followup Contact Information
We will contact you approximately one year from now to obtain your current work and/or school status. Please make sure we have contact information that will find you. Our program successes rely on this data to continue providing programs to all Students. Thank you in advance!
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The name on your school reports.
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What is your personal email address? (Remember your school one will not work after graduation!)
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If we are unable to reach any of these contact numbers, who might be able to give us an update? Please list contact for a family member, friend, or classmate that could help us. *
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I will be creating an MOCC Class of 2018 Alumni Page. I will send you an invitation as soon as we are connected on Facebook. I will post job opportunities and other updates from time to time! My username is Jillane Ray on Facebook and the picture is the MOISD logo. Feel free to send me a friend request.
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