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Mountain Ale & Lager Tasters membership is open to all persons who may legally drink alcohol in the state of North Carolina. MALT dues are $30 annually for the first person in a household and $15 for each additional person in the household. Annual dues are based on a calendar year starting January 1st of each year. Dues may be paid by PayPal online or by cash or check in person. Membership is valid once this form is completed and dues are paid in full. Each person applying for membership must fill out the form below completely.
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I, the undersigned participant ("Participant"), acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to participate in various activities, events, and functions (the "Activities") in connection with, related to or otherwise sponsored by Mountain Ale & Lager Tasters, Inc. ("MALT"). I understand that the Activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which may alter, impair, inhibit, or otherwise interfere with my cognitive functions and physical faculties, as well as the cognitive functions and physical faculties of others who may participate in the Activities. Due to these affects caused by alcohol consumption, of which I am fully aware and informed, I further recognize and agree that the Activities involve certain inherent risks, including, but not limited to, the possibility of accident, injury, or death, and I expressly acknowledge that I am participating in the Activities voluntarily and at my own risk, taking full responsibility, legal and otherwise, for my actions.

In consideration for being permitted to engage in the Activities, I agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and personal representatives to irrevocably and unconditionally release, acquit, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless MALT, along with any and all directors, officers, owners, managers, members, agents, attorneys, successors and assigns thereof, including all affiliated entities or subsidiaries, whether herein named or not, from and against any and all charges, actions, complaints, claims, liabilities, obligations, damages, proceedings, expenses, attorney fees, and demands of any kind or nature whatsoever, including, but not limited to personal injury and property damage, whether arising out of contract, tort, strict liability, or otherwise, whether currently existing or arising or accruing in the future, based upon, arising out of, related to, or connected in any way to the Activities. I AM VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITIES WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE DANGER INVOLVED, AND AGREE TO ASSUME ANY AND ALL RISKS OF ACCIDENT, BODILY INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, WHETHER THOSE RISKS ARE KNOWN OR UNKNOWN.

I further acknowledge and agree that MALT shall have no liability or obligation to me with respect to, arising from, related to, or in connection with my participation in the Activities. I represent and warrant that I am twenty-one (21) years of age or older, am under no legal incapacity to execute this Agreement and to be bound by its terms, and that I have read this Agreement and fully understand the terms and provisions hereof (including, without limitation, that this is a release of liability). I agree that, notwithstanding the principles of conflicts of law, the internal laws of the State of North Carolina shall govern and control the validity, interpretation, performance, and enforcement of this Agreement.
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