2019 Sho-Me Statesmen Singing Valentine Order Form
Fill out the form below to order YOUR Singing Valentine! For only $50, we deliver a card, a rose, candy, and a short medley of love songs from a handsomely dressed men's quartet on Thursday, February 14.
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How would you like the card signed?
There is a pre-printed Valentine's message on the card; we will add a brief handwritten message for you. Include any desired terms of endearment, nicknames, etc.
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Sometimes it helps when delivering to have an idea of the situation...
Method of Payment
Thank you for your contribution...you are helping keep our unique form of harmony alive in the Springfield area. The price is $50.
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We may have questions, including on the day of delivery. Please give us the best number to call (cell phones generally preferred)
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Hint: Over the years, the most effective deliveries are at workplaces, although we also deliver to homes, schools, and restaurants
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