Challenging White Supremacy

The purpose of this challenge is to commit and follow through on educating ourselves about the necessity of ending white supremacy and taking specific actions to do so in our communities and personal lives in ways informed by people of color. White progressives often laud the importance of education and anti-racism work but fail to concretely act on those words; we recognize this and commit to undertaking this challenge not to gain ally points but to confront and eradicate white supremacy both internally and externally. White participants in this challenge are not the drivers of this movement, but are responsible for their role in perpetuating this racist system and must do their part to tear down white supremacy in their own mind, lives, and community.

By pooling our resources and keeping each other accountable, we vow to be able to point to specific things we have learned and actions we have taken as we engage in this work. To do this, we will set individual goals each week and answer to each other regarding their progress. Progress made from this challenge will not be reported publicly unless requested. People of color who want to join the group only to observe and comment are welcome to do so and will be exempt from the weekly reporting rules unless otherwise indicated.

Initial disclaimer about the word “challenge:” this is not a competition. There will be no prizes for becoming less racist and taking down white supremacy inside and around you. The word challenge is instead meant to invoke a deliberate and specific directive to improve.

By signing this form, you agree to/acknowledge that:

1. Commit to creating a plan of action for yourself to follow through on this challenge by sharing in the group your weekly goals and progress updates.
2. If in a discussion in the group you say or do racist things and refuse to admit your error, apologize, and not repeat it, you will be removed from the group.

You further understand that:

-The purpose of undertaking this challenge collectively is to keep each other accountable to concrete progress- not to handhold each other or exuberantly praise our becoming less racist. Do not expect anyone to give you a gold star for ending a racist practice in your life or giving more credence to the opinions of a person of color; let your own growth of understanding and ability to point to concrete changes motivate you to continue on.

-This challenge is not a playground, an intellectual hobby, or an avenue for proving how enlightened you already are. It is an opportunity to self-evaluate and set concrete goals for walking the walk to end white supremacy.
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