Uncommon in Common
A community of possibilities...
Do you want to help start a community around interesting people, ideas, creativity, and favorite things? *
Would you be willing to pay to support and sustain this community? *
The goal is to create a community that is sustainable and also free from ads, brands, upsells, affiliates, and selling your data. The amount would be quite small, likely between $5 and $25.
A Quick Experiment
I'd love to hear your answers to the following questions. The answers may be shared with the rest of the community in a future email, such as "Brian B. in Austin mentioned that this piece by Maureen Dowd was the best thing he read this week." If you'd rather your answers not be shared, please note that.
What is 1 (just one) of your 10 favorite things in the world and why? *
It could be a person, place, experience or thing, just probably not friends or family members.
What is your favorite thing that you've read this week? *
A book, tweet, sentence, article, or anything else. If you can, include a sentence or two about why and a link if you like.
Can I share your answers with the community as a whole? *
Either referencing your Twitter username or first name and last initial only.
The Details
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The best place to find you online *
Website, Twitter, etc.
Your email address *
I'll likely be sending a few emails if this becomes a real thing. You'll be able stop receiving them anytime, of course.
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