N95 Masks
Hello, I'm Nils and I'm a woodworker. We both know that N95 masks are in short supply, and while they are on their way, they are still needed today. And I only have 12 masks. As a woodworker, I know that we buy these regularly and many of us don't even wear them when we should. I figure many shops must be carrying lots of this stuff--Dentists probably have gowns and gloves, professional painters should have gloves and masks, autobody shops should have more masks, or maybe you just have something. So please, pass this around to those you know.
We're trying to get these N95 face masks & more to local hospitals. The basic premise would be...

1. Donor would leave their donation outside of their house
2. Delivery volunteer would come by and pick up the item
3. Delivery volunteer would drop by the address given to them by me

Donors can fill out the form below

If you're interested in donating your time and energy to delivering, then you can email me directly at nils@brooklynbutcherblocks.com ; to delivery, you should be following the CDC recommendations very stringently (social distancing, washing hands properly, etc).

Apologies for this being a bit thrown together; I don't expect this to be streamlined, but I'll try to improve it as time continues. Please offer any suggestions or general information in the Notes section at the bottom--especially, if you know of a better system than what I've rigged up.
Thank you for your assistance!

PS - Please pass around! Thanks
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