ANTIGONE Ticket Reservation Form / チケットご予約フォーム
Use this form if you wish to merely reserve tickets. If you wish to pay for them online, please use the PayPal form. If you have any problems with the ticket form, please contact us through the contact form on the website (under the ABOUT menu) or by leaving a voicemail at 050-5534-3984.

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Email Address/メールアドレス *
We need your address in order to contact you in case of cancellation or other emergency / 公演中止等の緊急のご連絡や確認事項が必要なとき使用させて頂きます
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Primary Phone Number/電話番号 *
In case we need to try to contact you on the day of the show regarding an issue with your reservation / 公演当日において、ご予約事項で確認が必要な際、使用させて頂きます
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Alternate Name for Ticket Pickup/代理人氏名
If someone other than you might pick up the tickets. / 代理人がチケットを受け取る場合のみご記入お願いします
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Which Date? / ご希望の公演日時 *
REGULAR / 普通券 *
How many REGULAR tickets will you require? (3000 Yen) / 普通券のご希望枚数 (3000円) - 0 is an acceptable answer / 普通券がご不要な場合は「0」をお選びください
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STUDENT / 学生券 *
How many STUDENT tickets do you require? (1500 Yen) / 学生券のご希望枚数 (1500円) - 0 is an acceptable answer / 学生券がご不要な場合は「0」をお選びください
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Payment Method / お支払方法 *
How do you want to pay? We will contact you to follow up. / ご希望のお支払い方法
Comments or Password / コメントまたはパスワード
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Reserved Ticket Procedure/当日の受付について
Just a reminder: you will NOT receive physical tickets. Your tickets will be held in your name at the door, and you will pick them up by giving your name to the box office staff member. Please be there at least 20 minutes before the show starts. We reserve the right to sell any tickets not claimed 10 minutes before showtime. Thanks for your understanding! See you at the show!

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