Signup form for Legion: Siberian Story
Dear player,
this form is divided into several parts. In the first one we will sort out all the formalities. So let's go ahead!
This is a signup form for ALL the runs:
Standard international run: 17 - 20 January 2019
Relentless international run: 24 - 27 January 2019

Please, when filling out the form, do not use Enter to start a new paragraph; it will make processing the forms much easier for us. You will also meet questions marked as optional: if you fill them out, it will be easier for us to set your experience to fit your needs, but you do not have to.
Overall, the questionnaire will take about 30 minutes at most to fill out thoroughly; if you take your time with the optional questions, it can be an hour and a half at most.

In this form, we won't ask you for your measurements, dietary needs, health or potential trigger topics. If you get into the game, we will send you two follow-up questionnaires that will focus on that and only be accessible to the team members who need to work with them directly - but we don't need that information now.

Please note!
The game is only accessible to participants over 18, without exception. We would also recommend you to read the section on physical demands before signing up. Furthermore, Legion is not suitable for pregnant people.
All of the game is also played in English, so you need sufficient communication skills in the language to participate. We're of course not going to test your language level, but please note that the ability to communicate and understand in English is crucial for all participants. Being able to read and fill out this questionnaire without problems is a good sign for that.

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