Restaurant Participation Form for Taste of Cambridge on July 12th, 2016 - Please submit asap!
Please fill out this online form for EACH restaurant applying separately -- and then hit the submit button at the bottom!
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Name of Establishment:
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Chef’s Name
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Grill Requested
We will provide a grill for you if make a request here:
Serving and Prep Table Request:
Please check as many boxes as apply
VIP Bartender - show off your skills to the VIP ticket holders (space limited we will let you know when assigned)
We would like to have a bartender in the VIP to mix specialty cocktails
Ice Request
The event will have ice for you, let us know what you need it for
I am planning to prepare
Please check as many as apply
Are you a member of Cambridge Local First?
Clear selection
I will try to prepare food to create the least waste possible and will bring my own plates, napkins, etc.. I have read the Carbon Footprint Clause (ATTACHED to E-mail!) and will try to limit extra waste at the event
I hereby agree to adhere to all food safety regulations for special events required by the City of Cambridge
It is hereby agreed that signer holds the Central Square Business Association and CLAB harmless from any liabilities incurred at the Taste of Cambridge event. Your signature confirms your agreement to all of the terms outlined in this application packet.
YOU MUST type your name and date in the box
Last, if you have additional questions please type them in the box below and we will get back to you.
Reminder, You will be assigned a premiere space and a social media mention as soon as form is returned! DEADLINE Monday, June 20th, 2016
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