Building God's Future - Strategic Planning
The Bethlehem Lutheran Church council has determined to create a Strategic Planning Team for the purpose of both discerning and implementing God’s mission imperatives here in Kalispell over the next several years. Who is God calling us to serve? What resources has God given or promised to give that this mission will be fulfilled? How can we seek out new opportunities to serve while also remaining true to the ongoing mission responsibilities that we’ve committed to in the past? Our partners at LEAD ( will guide us as we listen to God, listen to our membership, and listen to our neighbors. Together we will hear the voice of the Spirit laying out the path before us. And God will inspire us to take bold, new steps for the sake of the gospel.
Please use this form to nominate either yourself -or- a member of BLC to serve on this Strategic Planning Team.
Nominations must be received by Nov 22.
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