OHS DANCE PROGRAM Audition Recommendation form 2023-24
The student who gave it to you is interested in  participating in the dance program at Olympus High School.  This form should be completed by a teacher, coach, employer, or mentor who knows the applicant's aptitudes in professional/academic settings.  Please submit this by Thursday, May 11 by  3:15 pm.  
On a scale from 1-5 please rate the applicant in each of these areas listed below.

1-2= poor, 3= average, 4-5 above average.

The comment area is optional, but there in case you want to speak to why you chose the score and/or any other info you feel is important I know. This will be kept confidential AND WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH STUDENT OR PARENT, so please be honest, "speak freely", be realistic and fair. It is  very important you rate the student according to how YOU feel the student does in YOUR class/environment. 

The OHS dance program is very competitive and highly demanding --both physically and mentally.  Students must be able to work diligently, with respect for authority and peers, often under tight deadlines and restraints.  In addition to athletic and physical talent, ideal candidates also display excellent abilities in the areas of character, motivation, work ethic and discipline.

Please keep this in mind as you are evaluating!
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Ability to get along with others. *
Comment on ability to get along with others
Character (evidence of respect, discipline, integrity, honesty, moral/ethical values, etc) *
Comment on  character
Attitude (toward set backs or difficult feeback, as well as to authority, leaders and/or peers) *
Comment on Attitude
Attendance, Punctualty, class room etiquette *
Comment on Attendance ....
Reliabilty/Dependability (with tasks, deadlines, communication) *
Comment on Reliability/Dependability
Work ethic (listens and retains info, brings their best to rehearsals and performances, is consistent with their behavior) *
Comment on Work Ethic
Cooperation and willingness to compromise *
Comment on cooperation/willingness
Maturity (relative to same-age peers) *
Comment on Maturity
Aptitude for learning new information and skills quickly, retains and applies critiques *
Comment on aptitude
Aptitude for working independently, following instructions and being proactive (will initate work/tasks without being watched or constantly asked) *
Aptitude for working independently....
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