HIOBS Parent/Guardian Packet
Review your Course Page and your Admissions Handbook, then complete all sections of this Parent/Guardian Packet.

IN ADDITION - you will need to complete the Medical Form and Liability Release (separate links which were provided in your Welcome Email). Please make sure you have completed all forms by the due date. If you don't complete and submit all forms on time you run the risk of losing your spot on course.

Outward Bound is an ideal choice for motivated applicants who are ready for physical and mental challenge. Our courses are intentionally challenging and rewarding, but not always fun and often not easy. Our instructors design and lead courses so that students feel both stretched and supported, and they continually work to balance the pursuit of individual and team success. If any issue emerges on course resulting in early departure or expulsion, there are financial consequences, so we want to be sure both parents/guardians and students are aware of the policies. We encourage you to find an hour or two together to go over all the materials with the applicant.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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It is helpful for us to have an accurate picture of the family relationships, guardians, custody issues and so on that might exist, as well as who is financially responsible for the course. Are there other adults/ step-parents or partners in the applicant's life? *
If you answered yes to the question above, please provide name, relationship, phone number and email address for each.
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Which statements best describe the applicant's living situation?
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Lives with both parents in one household
Shared custody between two households
Single parent full custody
One parent deceased
In foster care
Who is financially responsible (paying for) this HIOBS course *
If the cost is shared, please describe.
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Who should be contacted in the event of an early departure from course? *
Please provide the name and relationship to the applicant. Please also provide contact details if this person is not already identified as a primary or secondary contact within this application.
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Based on the information in the Course Page and the Admissions Handbook, what are your expectations of this course? *
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Please describe the conversations you’ve had with the applicant about their Outward Bound course. *
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Please tell us how the decision was made to enroll for an Outward Bound course at this time. *
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What are you hoping the applicant will gain from an Outward Bound course? *
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An Outward Bound course is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. Please describe the ways you are helping the applicant prepare for course. *
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What is something the applicant has been successful in over the last year? *
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What is something that the applicant has struggled with over the last year? *
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How does the applicant generally relate to peers? *
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How does the applicant generally relate to adults? *
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Please tell us how you found Outward Bound? (multiple answers are ok) *
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