Third quiz
Welcome to the first quiz within the 'Five Signs of Elder Abuse' online course. This quiz is based on the material covered in 10-13 lectures. Some questions are multiple choice, when others have only one correct answer. Each question is graded and you will get your final grade after finishing the test.

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Good luck!
Is the presence of bruises enough to conclude that violence is taking place? *
1 point
Victims are less likely to disclose violence when: *
3 points
When a possible victim comes to seek help in emergency care, but is intoxicated on alcohol or drugs, it is best to: *
2 points
When an older woman who is potential victim come to seek help in emergency care, but cannot understand due to language barriers, it is best to: *
2 points
Can alcohol problems in a family increase the risk of violence? *
1 point
Why older patients are a special group in emergency departments? *
2 points
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