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This External Consultants database is maintained by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion as a resource to support WFU departments, units, and organizations in operationalizing their commitments for inclusive excellence as outlined in through the R.I.D.E. framework. Inclusion on this list does NOT mean consultants or organizations have been individually vetted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion; this resource is maintained to support the collective work within the University toward inclusive excellence. Questions or concerns about this database should be directed to ride@wfu.edu.
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Name of Consultant or Organization: *
Focus Areas + Specialties:
If the consultant/organization has experiences with specific identity groups, organizational types, scopes of work or services, functional units/academic departments, tools or assessments, or other clear areas that stakeholders may be looking for, those can be included here. Some examples may be 'education/training'; 'climate assessment'; 'speaking engagements'; 'LGBTQ+ identities'; 'underrepresented students in STEM fields'; 'Intercultural Development Inventory'; etc.
Description: *
A short (250 words or less) overview of the consultant/organization and what they offer.
If you do not have a separate website for your consulting work, please feel free to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or another page that offers folks more insight into your work.
Primary Contact: *
For individuals and smaller organizations, this is often an email address; for larger organizations it may be an online contact form.
Secondary Contact:
This may be an alternative form of contact (such as an email address or phone number) or contact information for a specific member of an organization.
Based In Location: *
Available to travel?
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Available to work remotely with clients?
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Connections to Wake Forest University:
If a consultant/organization has worked directly with individuals or units at Wake Forest University, or if a consultant/organization is recommended by a WFU community member, that information can be included here.
Additional Notes:
This can include anything the consultant/organization wishes to share or anything of interest that did not fit elsewhere.
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