Apply for the 2021 LPC Publishing Practice Awards
To recognize and raise awareness of library publishing programs that exemplify effective and sustainable publishing practices, the Library Publishing Coalition is pleased to support the first annual Publishing Practice Awards. The focus of these awards is not on publication content but on the process of publishing the piece. This year the award categories are (1) accessibility and (2) diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For more information about the awards, including eligibility, application materials, and evaluation guidelines:

Publishing programs do not need to be members of the Library Publishing Coalition.

Applications are due by January 11, 2021. Email with questions.
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The narrative will describe the publishing process for this publication, and explain considerations addressed that relate to the award category. Describe in what ways the nominated publication is exemplary of publishing practices that address category goals (as described on the awards webpage: The narrative should highlight any novel techniques or workflows used to accomplish these category goals. **Please note that awardees will adapt their application narrative into a post for the LPC Blog.**
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